Join us for the biggest food and drink trade show in the East Anglian region

Wednesday 21st September 2022 – The Norfolk Showground Arena

REGISTER NOW for the largest regional food and drink trade show of its type in the UK.

If you are responsible for sourcing local produce for your menu or shelves and would like to book tickets, please do so here.

We look forward to seeing you at Local Flavours 2022!


The Eastern Region has a wealth of talented producers creating amazing tastes and flavours for menus and retail shelves, all produced from exceptional ingredients lovingly sourced, and wherever possible, from close to home. Local Flavours is all about education and awareness, creating unique experiences to get local produce on shelves and menus, and ultimately in front of the consumer.

Whilst we all love delicious food and drink, there are some important underlying factors to Local Flavours. Understanding where food and drink comes and food security (protecting the home grown industry) are both high on the agenda.  Anyone purchasing locally produced food and drink is also supporting local businesses and directly, with every £1 spent putting 70p back immediately into the economy.

Local Flavours work with producers, councils and other businesses to continuously remind buyers (commercial and consumers) of all the goodness they can enjoy from spending their money on locally produced food and drink.