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DJ Wines

Craft winemakers and liqueurs Fruit Wine range 500ml – 11%alc: Blackberry, Elderflower & Goosebrry, Raspberry, Redcurrant, Rhubarb, Strawberry Specialist wines 500ml: Monks Mead (13% alc), Damport – Fortified Damson Wine (18%alc) Fruit Liqueur range 350ml & 500ml (20% to 25% alc): Raspberry, Strawberry, Damson, Bramble with Whisky, Sloe Gin ( sweet and semi sweet styles). also avaiable in Miniature Gift set boxes (3 x 100ml). Surplus stock available- new release – due mid June 2020 Bigod 1101 – Vin de Liqueur both white and red versions made from East Anglian grown grapes.Sold in gift box. Product launched in 2019 version sold out.

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