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Fernalde Norfolk Cheeses

We have a full cheeseroom of cheese ready to sell to the restaurant trade over our busy Spring and Summer period, but most of our custom is now lost over this period. So we have multiple tonnes of Norfolk Dapple (a hard Cheddar-style cheese made with raw milk), which is now mostly very mature and all extremely flavoursome, but without a home. Mature cheese is a pain for the producer as it needs a lot of TLC in the maturing room, but it is excellent quality product, which improves with age when looked after well. As our cheeses are made with raw milk, there are lots of new flavour compounds which start to come through as the cheese ages, so the quality is currently very high and we do not want this cheese to go to waste! Available smoked or unsmoked. Availability is Mild under 6 months, Mature 6-12 months, extra mature 1 year plus. Delivery or collect

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