Our favourite pubs are back in business!

Double Dutch Drinks

What a month it has been…

The pubs have re-opened, we have expanded our webshop and we have finished our investment round by securing an amazing partnership with the Heineken family.

Having the Heineken family officially part of Double Dutch is so exciting for us! Their industry experience is invaluable and their global network means that international expansion opportunities are certainly on the horizon, so keep your eye out for Double Dutch on your 2021 summer holidays!

But you don’t have to wait till next summer to be drinking your favourite flavours – you can order online at our webshop today! As well as our spirit shop which launched last month where you can choose from a huge range of tempting spirits to mix your Double Dutch with, we have also released our perfect Garden Party Pack. Featuring 10 Double Dutch flavours and a spirit of your choosing, we’ve included a game of Gin Pong for a little bit of fun as well as some gorgeous tea light holders to set the party mood.

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